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Our THC-O gummies are as tasty as potent. Eating gummies is always a unique pleasure that puts us in a good mood.

Imagine the rubberish texture and the sugary flavor of gummies.

They take over the senses when you try them, and when you remember the sensation, you want some of it.

This experience now has the magical touch of THC-O and lots of heavy mental and physical highs.

THC-O gummies contain 25 mg of THC-O each.

They are crazy potent, so don’t eat a whole gummy at once.

You better start slow and cautious, so eat half a gummy or less. It might sound like too little a piece, but its flavor and potency can strike you like a truck.

THC-O products are meant for experienced users that have developed tolerance to THC.

If that is your case, you can stand the power of this cannabinoid.

Even so, you must beware of the dose you consume to prevent undesired effects.

If you haven’t developed a significant tolerance, you should keep enjoying other cannabinoids.

To use THC-O, you should have the recommendation of a health professional.