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Currency - All prices are in AUD

Currency - All prices are in AUD
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical.
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Kratom Products

  • Chocolate Bentuangie $0.45

    Strong relaxation and sedation. Great for difficulty sleeping, releases muscle tension. If you're having some pretty strong pain this is gonna be the kratom for you. 

  • Excellent Green Maeng Da $0.45

    Good all around pain alleviation mood lifting and energizing. 

  • Gold Bali $0.45

    Medium Pain alleviation, medium/high energy, good mood lifter

  • Green Dragon $0.45

    Great Mood and stress relief with moderate energy. Good clear headed focus, and medium pain relief. 

  • Red Bali $0.45

    Great strain for Pain relief, and Relaxation. Good stress reducer with better mood and focus. 

  • Red Borneo $0.45

    Very relaxing strain, with significant pain-relieving effects. Mild Euphoria 

  • Red Maeng Da $0.45

    Excellent pain Alleviation, good mood lifter, Lightly energizing. 

  • Super Green Malaysian $0.45

    Good pain alleviation, great mood lifting abilities, mildly energetic. 

  • White Borneo $0.45

    Increased focus and attention to detail. Increased energy. Moderate euphoria. 

  • XXX Pain $0.45

    Excellent Pain Alleviation, Good mood lifting properties, very light energy. 

  • Yellow Vietnam $0.45

    Good pain alleviation, great mood, moderately energetic.