25th Nov 2020


BLACK FRIDAY SALES announcements are here, we have a lot going on sale.Starting with juiceBogo free Friday and Bogo 50% off SaturdayKratom capsules will be 30% off which makes it $.30 per capsule up t …

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6th Nov 2020

Five Pawns Premium E-Juice

Because of such an overwhelmingly positive response on our sample run we have decided to bring in the complete live of every e-juice from Five Pawns. All Five Pawns are expertly crafted with premium i …

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28th Oct 2020

Delta 8 Grand Gummy Giveaway and Flash Sale

Hello Vapor E Family, today we have a little challenge for all of you. You will find the video above on our Facebook page and if we can get 125 likes on it there by the end of the day on Oct 31st, we …

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17th Oct 2020

Integra Boost Humidity Control Packs

Don't wait for the perfect environment, create it with the Boost Packet.Patented 2-way humidity control.Salt-free solution.Prevent mold & over drying.Maintain flavors, potency & aroma. …

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13th Oct 2020

Delta 8 gummies

We are happy to announce that we happy just brought in 25 mg Delta 8 Gummies. They provide a very nice mellow and relaxing effect with a very delicious come on down and give one a try. …

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