28th Oct 2020

Delta 8 Grand Gummy Giveaway and Flash Sale

Hello Vapor E Family, today we have a little challenge for all of you. You will find the video above on our Facebook page and if we can get 125 likes on it there by the end of the day on Oct 31st, we will be holding a flash sale of 15% off on our Amazing Delta 8 gummies the following week on Wednesday Nov. 4th and Friday Nov. 6th all day. If you like AND share the video, your name will be entered into a drawing and 3 lucky folks will win free packs of the Delta 8s. Remember this is a Facebook exclusive contest and be sure to set your privacy settings on your profile to public so that we can see your name when you share. Winners for the give away will be announced Tuesday Nov 3rd. Good luck folks and we'll see you soon.