Posted by Cloudy Shaman on 3rd May 2022

​High-Quality Fresh Kratom: Why does it matter?

Are you looking for high-quality Fresh Kratom? People who have taken Kratom or others just trying to research for the Kratom that is right for them are interested in procuring the best, freshest, and high-quality they can get without being over-priced. One must realize that Kratom is a plant, a tree leaf to be exact. And just like plant-based spices like Chives, Turmeric, and Ginger, kratom is best when it is as fresh as possible. This includes the sourcing and packaging for getting here in the landlocked state of Kansas can be a challenge. Kratom is from Asian counties and has been used for thousands of years, where farmers just walk up to the tree, take a leaf, and chew on it. Talk about fresh. But here in Kansas, that action is more difficult. Like many other items that the people of Kansas partake in and enjoy, it must be imported.

When importing Kratom, it must come in certain ways to keep it travel stable. The leaves must be dried, or they would spoil. Once the leaves are dried, they are fragile, therefore they are turned into powder to make the journey. It is available in this powder form. Now here is where getting as fresh as possible is important. According to Magic Powers, “The drying process, also known as curing, can alter the alkaloid profile by oxidizing a portion of the alkaloids. In the case of mitragynine, for example, exposure to sunlight (and other oxidizing conditions including heat and humidity) yields some conversion of mitragynine to the oxidized form, 7hydroxymitragynine. There are numerous other active alkaloids present in mitragyna speciosa ---- as well as flavonoids and other beneficial compounds ---- and while these components have received less attention than mitragynine and its oxidized counterpart 7hydroxymitragynine, they all work together to create the full-spectrum of magick so many have come to associate with kratom.” This change starts the degrading of the bitter taste of the fresh chewed leaf. It also loses potency over time.

The loss of potency over time is the difference between fresh and stale Kratom. Many Kratom offerings locally are procured from a distributor. This process of getting it from a distributor is a long road. The Kratom comes from farmers, then given off to a processor, then to a market seller, then to an exporter. After the exporter, the shipment is divided up between wholesale distributors. This long line of handlers takes time all the while the Kratom is losing potency. Kratom can be bought and resold by many wholesale distributors until it is bought by a company that processes it into packages for retail sale. The last step is from this process company to the retail store for you to buy. Then when you buy it, since there isn’t really an expiration date, you have no idea how long it is set on the shelf losing potency and usually color.

Vapor E-Cigarette LLC has the freshest Kratom available in the Wichita market under their own brand of Mother Earth Botanicals. How is that done? Vapor E-Cigarettes have made some business relationships with the farmers and market sellers. They skip over most of the long road to market. They deal with the importing directly which takes out the US-based whole sellers and distributors, plus they don’t need a processor since they package their own from the bulk bought directly from the source. This allows the consumer to get the freshest, still potent, low cost, and highest quality Kratom available at Vapor E-cigarette LLC in the heart of Kansas. The customer can get many of the major strains in powder or capsules. Bulk orders are available; however, lead times will vary on the size of the order and import shipping times. So, if Kratom is important to you and you live in the Wichita, Ks area, make sure you come by Vapor E-cigarette to get ‘The Choicest’ kratom.