The End of the 20700 Battery

Posted by Cloudy Shaman on 24th Apr 2022

The End of the 20700 Battery

If you’re reading this, you might already know that the 20700 battery has come to an end and major manufactures have already stopped making them.

Vape batteries are one of the most common components in vaping devices. The 20700 battery that has been rapidly being replaced with the 21700 as of late, was not always that popular. Yet there are still many vaping mods that use them and some that can only fit the 20700.

Why it’s happening

The 20700 battery has been on the market since around 2017 and is a logical successor to the 18650. These new batteries were larger, better, weighed less than the 26650, and more long-lasting than their predecessors. In addition, they were being used in power tools, flashlights, and other battery-operated devices in order to prolong their usability before needing to recharge. In the world of vaping, it seemed like a godsend. After all, you don't have to worry about changing the batteries or recharging as often with this kind of mod. But, of course, there are drawbacks. Lots of manufacturers were yet to produce high-capacity mods that supported the 20700. But when they did finally come out, the vaping community was torn. On one side there were those who liked the idea of longer lasting mods while the other was upset that they would have to pay more to replace their batteries and in some cases battery chargers to fit the bigger battery (unless you were using 26650). Even though demand for the 20700 wasn't as high, it still was a good improvement

As soon as people learned that companies started manufacturing 18650, 20700, and 21700 battery compatible mods, the 20700 was considered a stopgap. So many people did not want to dispose of their original 18650. However, once the 18650 died, most consumers moved over to the 21700 because battery makers looked at the 20700 as a failed idea. The power and portability benefits were too good to be overlooked and many other tool companies, such as DeWalt, abandoned the 20700 for the 21700. This was the same for mods. Vapors just skipped over the 20700 for the 21700. So, the decline of the 20700 was inevitable.

What you can do now

If you're one of the few people who like the 20700 and invested in mod equipment that fits it, now is your time. You can buy a sleeve that would make your 18650's fit in it instead. Vapor E-cigarette still has dependable 20700 batteries in stock. All you must do is come in and pick them up. These units will now be an item for collectors because of the 20700 ending. So do not fear that the 20700 battery is going extinct, but instead take pride in owning one and know that it is one of a kind that will never be seen again. That makes it unique and valuable in the vaping universe. The trend now is either to get mods that use batteries other than the ones that came with your device, or just to get 18650/21700 batteries which are compatible with more mods. The only drawback is that this opens the door to the cost savings of battery choices. What this means is that there is no need to have many different batteries to provide power to your vaping habit. But what you need to do is be sure that you buy good batteries from reputable retailers and sites. Plus, they should give you advice about battery safety.

It's not just about turning off your e-cigarette after every use, but keeping you and your mod safe to use, keep battery safety at the forefront of your mind and you'll be safe. It would be unfortunate if we cannot use these any longer because a story of battery accidents shuts us down.