Posted by Cloudy Shaman on 11th Apr 2022

Why Our World Wouldn’t End If Vapes Disappeared.

If you are a vapor, doesn’t matter if you vape nicotine, CBD, THC, or just flavor. You vape to escape the smoke. Just like most of us vapors, we escaped cigarettes. Vapes became the lifeboat when nothing else worked. Vapes can even help someone not eat sweets if they just vape it instead. Vapes changed the world for the public while it bit into the money for Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Government.

Vapes that bit into the 3 BIGS money has caused a huge ripple in the world of vape. Vapes were invented and made for individuals when the 3 BIGS and all the non-for-profits only blew more smoke by just talking but never coming up with a real solution vapes filled. This scared them all. We all know what happens when you scare the 3 BIGS, they start to regulate it out of existence. That is exactly what is happing.

So, let’s play the what if…then game. What if vapes disappeared? Well for me the world would become a black-market quickly because I am not going back to smoking, just like the rest of you feel. But we hop aboard the time machine and go to a future where vapes are gone, disappeared, regulated out of existence. Then what? We see some back to smoking cigarettes or other legal tobacco products and the deaths related to smoking goes back up. The 3 BIGS are back making their money while people die. Same song 2nd verse could get better but it's going to get worse.

We are now 20 years into the future 2042. As a vapor, I am going to find the black-market. I would make a ‘speak easy’ for vaping. Some say vaping is too big to be taken down. They thought that about alcohol too. But did you know the first Black Woman Millionaire made her money by running black-market alcohol? Well, us vapors can run vapes. We can learn from the past and make safe products. We can 3D print our own mods, buy electronic components that are available, even write the software. In 2042, technology will be bigger (as shown from the last 20 years). We can keep vapes alive. While we do this, we fight the 3 BIGS. We change minds and educate about the real world of vapes. It may take awhile but we can bring it back for the betterment of all smokers.

Now, we hop back to our own time, 2022. What are we doing to keep vapes from being regulated out of existence? Are you fighting it? Are you stock piling? Are you calling your representatives? Instead of waiting for 2042, let’s get motivated to keep vapes alive and well. What can you do?

The first thing is to talk to your friends and family about what vapes have done for you. Second, go make an appointment with your representatives and talk to them and give them real stories and science along with the FDA & ATF. Third, fight the misinformation spread by organizations like ‘Truth”. Don’t just call names or use derogatory language, just explain it with a cool and calm voice. Have conviction in your conversations. Call out manufactures that use pictures or names that appeal to kids. Stop that clerk or person outside selling to kids. If all of us stand up, the 3 BIGS can’t do anything. They can only take away vapes if we let them. If they want to use kids to outlaw vapes, then let’s take that option away. Whenever possible, talk kids out of vaping. Don’t let manufactures use cutesy names or packaging, tell them to change it. Ask your local retailer/convenance store about their policy on selling to kids and check on them whenever you go in for that drink or coffee. Talk to the manager or head office to make sure the vapes they choose to sell don’t appeal to kids. Be polite but determined in your message that vaping is a life saver for adults.

Now I know politics is not for many, but we must dip our toes in to get our message across. I don’t care if there is a ‘R’, ‘D’, or a ‘I’ after their or your politics, we are all vapors. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye, but we all can agree vapes need to be here now and 20 years from now. Our vape world won’t end if we vapors’ work for it. The 3 BIGS are using their money and weight to shove us around. Are you going to stand for it? If vapes disappeared, how would you get it back for you and all vapors?

Why will the vape world not disappear? Because of all vapors will stand up for their life changing/saving products. Our rebel community will take on any challenger threating our devices. We are not going away. All of us will save it together.

However, above it all, be a representative for vaping. Be seen, have conversations, be a witness and above all else, don’t go back to smoking.

Be well and take care.