HHC Live Resin Disposable

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HHC Live Resin Disposable

Our Live Resin HHC Disposable is made using Hemp extracts. This ensures that the HHC remains fresh, which results in maximum potency. Also, with live resin infused into the HHC distillate, the bounty of terpenes contained in live resin results in more flavorful and mouth-watering vapor with every hit. Additionally, thanks to its enhanced terpene profile, the live resin may produce more intense psychoactive effects than other kinds of concentrates themselves.


HHC in general is a pretty smooth cannabinoid.  Adding in the live resin only palates that smoothness at the right voltages can really enhance the flavor of your vape.

These live resin infusions provide the best and closest taste to the cannabis plant experiences.

HHC offers a relaxing feeling similar to Delta 9 THC, without the sluggish couch-lock side effect. HHC gives a more social effect and is less harsh on the lungs than Delta 8.

HHC carries most, if not all benefits of CBD, but also introduces the “high” euphoric feeling which can be hugely beneficial for many users.

What is HHC?

HHC is short for Hexahydrocannabinol.

A cannabinoid that is similar to Delta 9 THC.

While it is found naturally and legally within the hemp plant, it is found in very small amounts.

What HHC feels like?

  • Happy
  • Calm
  • Social