THC-0 Flower

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THC-O is a new cannabinoid, and it has been shown to be stronger than Delta 8.

They have a strong flavor that any inexperienced user does not easily enjoy, so keep that in mind when the highly intoxicating scent of fruit, grass, and skunk fills the air.

Regular THC flowers can have an almost mellow flavor compared to THC-O, plus the added terpenes that come with each different strain. 

The effects are mainly energizing and euphoric, inducing a state of ecstasy that can boost your motivation and creativity.

It takes a while to act, from up to 3 hours before you start to feel it kicking in; however, after that, the high can stay in your system up to 5 hours total.

Think about the stereotypical image some high people get, where they’re giggly and seemingly unbothered by everything as they have a wonderful time, and that’s more or less what you can expect after smoking some THC-O.